Freitag, 26. September 2008

Webdesign Services

My portfolio

I offer a large variety of webdesign services which can be found at my stores
Also, if you need something which is not listed please contact me
(Headings are clickable so you can have a look at the sites)
Installation and Customization of Joomla as a CMS, integration of modules, also site design, gallery/forum and shop installation.

Dreamcatcher Designs
Installation and Customization of Zencart Store

Nayyan Design Studio
Installation and Customization of Zencart Store

Kleopatra Design

Installation and Customization of Zencart Store

Carena Designs
Installation and Customization of Zencart Store

Website Mantainance including blog and shop, forum & gallery installation

Scraps by Jessica
Blog setup

Store setup, installation & customization

Samstag, 5. Juli 2008

4 shared

One good programm for example is the one from 4shared, the free filesharing service. If you sign up you get 5 GB free space where you can backup and share your (and I mean your files, no freebies and kits from others). When you have an account there you can see easily how many people clicked on your add and signed up for the free storage. To learn more about it - go here:

Join 4Shared Now!

Freitag, 4. Juli 2008

Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever heard that word? No?
Well, I guess you are not the only one *lol*. Let me explain you what I´ve learned shortly.
All big companies over the web use the power to get advertised from others giving them
The best known programm is the amazon affiliate programm. It´s known as the "mother of all affiliate programms" because amazon was the first who offered that.
This is how it works:
A company - like Amazon - offers an affiliate programm. You join it for free. Sometimes the company reviews your application but mostly they don´t. You get a html-code with a number (so they know who refers the customers to their page) and you earn commisions. So let´s say you read a fantastic book, you write a review about it on your blog and you give a link for your readers where they can get it.
If you could convince a customer to buy it over your site you´ll get the commission. At Amazon you earn from each sale 10%. Not bad or?
Affiliate Marketing is worth if you have many readers on your blog.
There are people out there who can live from affiliate marketing because they joined 1000s of programms and created reviews and contents for 1000s of sites.
You don´t have to write so much - but if you add Google Adsense to your site or blog or some other programms - you´ll earn some extra money!

What I did after learning about this great new field of earning money with my websites: I did a research on the web.
I found a fantastic handbook where Rosalind Gardner describes exactly what to do to become a sucessfull affiliate. It´s a fantastic resource which saves not just hours of research but also a lot of money as you don´t do the mistakes a beginner does. I bought this book for me and I´m totally happy with it - Rosalind describes easily in a step by step tutorial what to do. If you are interested in making money with your site you should have an overview about what Rosalind offers.
I love that she´s not a secret writer but a woman who helps others with respect. She also has a site and a forum where I´ve signed up for. You also get to know her better because she writes about herself. I really like that I don´t have to do with a faceless company but with a human like you and I.
Have a look at her site and get an overview about her book (it has 237 pages!)
Click here

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008

Sell your stock photos

There are several ways to sell virtual products. One of these products are for sure digital scrapbooking kits. What brought me to scrapbooking was my love for photografie. I have 1000s and 1000s on external harddrives, dvds and earlier on cds. I wouldn´t know what to do with all of them if there were not programms like the one from shutterfly:

When you click on the link you are forwarded to a special site which helps you selling your photos online. Some people can make a living from that. But to be honest it´s the same as in the scrapbooking industry - just hard work makes you sucessfull. Check out and get at least some bills payed ;-)

Freitag, 20. Juni 2008

How to add downloadable products to zencart

If you have trouble adding downloadable products to zencart and you know nothing about option names and option values check out my tutorial, it´s very easy to learn.
The tutorial includes a flash files to make sure that mac users and windows users can watch it.

If you enjoy it would be great if you leave a comment here on the blog for others. Also if you had problems as this is important for me to know so I can give more details.

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008

Freebies 06/08

Here you find all my freebies. From time to time I´ll publish some new freebies, mostly things made from my kits. If you want to get an impression of the quality of my designs visit my store and get some samples which fit to my kits. When you purchase don´t forget to sign for the newsletter so you will be informed of new freebies and kits.

Made with the kit Worldtraveler

Made with the DSG Collaboration Kit "Summer Evening"

Trend Watch 06/08

I often go to Digishoptalk and check the galleries, write some comments and add many many layouts to my favourites to get inspired when I need it.
From time to time you can see a change in the digital layouts - some month ago you could see layouts with so many elements, full and rich so rich that you could find nearly all elements from a kit on the layout.
In the last weeks I found a change - the photo gets more and more in the focus, nice decorated but no longer full:

To check out the credits the pictures are linked.

Personally I must say that I love this new style. Scrapbooking is about pictures and a designers´ kit should underline the beauty of the moment you took a photo of.